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Our courses include a series of real-world project challenges in collaboration with fintech startups and investment firms. These challenges can offer practical experience in solving actual problems faced by real-life investors and entrepreneurs.
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Our community offers access to exclusive investment insights and a network of industry insiders. It fosters a supportive environment for learning and collaboration, enhancing members' investment strategies and opening doors to new opportunities.
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Mindful Millionaire: Cultivating Emotional Stability for Wealth
Mindful Millionaire: Cultivating Emotional Stability for Wealth

Welcome to the Mindful Millionaire thinking development program.

This program is about our feelings, our needs, our desires, and our states. Within this program, we place a great emphasis on understanding your needs at different stages of life.

"A free person is someone who has thoroughly studied their own needs and learned to satisfy them INDEPENDENTLY." That is why we recommend studying the topic of money within the program. This is the first course - which we offer you on our educational platform about money - MINDHUB. The boldest startup of Silicon Valley.

Join us and be a part of something greater!

May 12, 2024
Reasoning Worth a Billion
Reasoning Worth a Billion

Unlock the secrets to financial success with our exclusive course centered on transforming your mindset. Learn proven techniques to boost your earnings as we delve into the power of your thoughts about money. The program is designed to eliminate limitations and barriers in your perception of wealth. Challenge yourself to reflect on whether your beliefs about money serve you and take the first step towards a prosperous future. It's not just about the knowledge – it's about the decisions you make to apply it to your life. Are you ready to redefine your relationship with money?

Apr 30, 2024

Upcoming courses

Venture Capital course for beginners
Venture Capital course for beginners

Embark on your journey into the dynamic world of venture capital with our comprehensive online course, designed specifically for beginners. Hosted by a cadre of Silicon Valley's top investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, this course offers an unparalleled introduction to the mechanisms, strategies, and insights of successful venture investing.

Apr 25, 2024

Join the Mindhub Angels Startup Competition

Mindhub Angels, an investment committee of Mindhub, is committed to nurturing innovative ideas and supporting early-stage startups. As part of our impact journey, we are excited to announce our biannual startup competition, designed specifically for our audience of burgeoning entrepreneurs.
Who Can Participate?
This opportunity is open to anyone with a working prototype and a legally registered entity with a bank account.
Winners will receive a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) investment ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to propel their ventures forward.
Why Mindhub?
At Mindhub, we harness the wisdom of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs to offer unparalleled educational content. We’re here to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to execution and beyond
How it works?
Step 1
Submission of Interes
Start by filling out the Form below providing essential information about your project.
Step 2
Live Pitch
Selected entrants will be invited to deliver a 5-minute live pitch, showcasing the potential and impact of their startup. We will share further instructions with participants.
Step 3
Submission of Interes
The competition culminates with a pitch in front of our esteemed panel of judges from Silicon Valley's investment community.
Are you an early stage founder?
Leave your email to get notified about the start of competition.